One of the great things about using vintage style drinkware is its ability to transport you to another time and place. When I think of 'champagne coupes' I'm transported to the 1920's Gatsby style- a time of fun and frivolity and a style unmatched by any other time in history. Or, 'silver goblets' make me think of medieval times! Ignore the contemporary and instead hire from our collection of champagne glasses, wine glasses, tumblers and more to help create the right ambience for your event. 

Wine Glasses

In plain and cut glass and crystal, we have a large selection of pre-loved wine glasses for hire in an assortment of sizes and colours.  We are sure to have something to support your event theme! Your order will come as a mixed assortment of our range. Handwash only. 

Champagne Coupes

Nothing is quite as vintage and lux as sipping your champagne from a coupe! Available in a mix of sizes and styles, we have both glass and crystal varieties available. Your order will come as a mix from our range. Handwash only. 

Champagne Flutes

If you prefer the more contemporary flute style champagne glass - we have you covered there too! In beautiful glass and crystal varieties. Your order will be an assortment from our range. Handwash only. 


For the whiskey, spirits, water and non-wine drinkers in your party, our collection of glass and crystal tumblers are a perfect addition to your table. For smaller events we may be able to supply matching tumblers, and larger events will come as a mix from our extensive collection. Handwash only. 

Port Glasses

Take your event drinkware to the next level  by including port glasses as an option. We have a large collection of glass and crystal varieties in various colours to choose from.  Not only for port or sherry - these also make a great size for serving your decadent desserts! Your selection will come as a mixed assortment. Handash only. 

Silver Goblets/Tumblers

We have a range of silver goblets, tumblers and port glasses in various shapes and sizes. Whether to drink out of or use as vessel for condiments or decorations, these are a beautiful edition to your table. Orders will come as a mix from our collection. Handwash only.


If you want a special way to display the available whisky, brandy, cognac or port for your guests, then why not hire our cut glass and crystal decanters? Not only beautiful for your theme, but incredibly useful too! Handwash only.


Our glass, cut glass and crystal jugs are a stylish addition to your table. Great for water or soft-drinks, or a tropical punch for your guests! Your order will come as a assortment from our range. Handwash only. 

Ice Buckets

Need something to keep your bubbles or white wine cool? Then look no further than our vintage cut glass, crystal and silver ice buckets. Pick and choose or let us select something to complement your order. Handwash only.  

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