Tea Service

High Teas wouldn't be high teas without the key element - tea - and at Your Cup of Tea Vintage Hire we have all you need to brew and serve your tea. Whether you have a hankering for a breakfast tea, something flavoured or something other than black, we have the vessels to help you with steeping the tea leaves and then serving the resulting infusion.


Nothing else quite has the elegance and luxury of brewing your tea in a vintage English china teapot, and serving it in a matching teacup and saucer, with a cake plate for your sugar fix!

Our collection includes vintage teacup trios, duos, teapots, milk jugs and creamers, vintage teaspoons and sugar bowls for hire. Hire only what you need or top up what you already have, or look at our High Tea Packages for a combination of tea and food service items.


A quintessential component of any high tea! Matched sets composed of a teacup, a saucer and a cake plate. The beautiful florals, patterns and intricate gilt on many of these items define the elegance of the times that high teas inspire. Hundreds available. Your order will come as a mixed selection from our range. Handwash only. 


For those who love the matched sets of a teacup and a saucer, but don't require the cake plate - duos are for you. Just as beautiful as the trios with delicate flowers and other patterns. Your order will come as a mixed  selection from our range. Handwash only. 


The picture of elegance is made complete when your table includes one or more of our vintage English china teapots. Stunning designs, beautiful styles - these are a great compliment to our trios or duos. Available in a wide variety of colours and capacities. Will come as an assortment from our range. Handwash only. 

Milk jugs

Would you like cream with that? We have a range of vintage china milk jugs and creamers in a variety of patterns and colours to accompany the teapots and teacups at your high tea. Or mix and match using our glass and crystal or silver milk jugs for a more eclectic vintage look on your table. We will pick milk jugs to complement your order, just let us know if you want china, glass/crystal, silver or a combination! Handwash only.

Sugar bowls

One lump or two? Or perhaps a few more? What better way to finish of your vintage high tea look than with our selected range of either china, glass or crystal, or silver sugar bowls. We will pick sugar bowls to complement your order, just let us know if you want china, glass/crystal, silver or a combination. Handwash only. 


Teaspoons are a must for any high tea. We have curated a large variety of silver, silver-plated and chrome-plated vintage pieces in varying designs to complement our vintage china collection. We will pick a mixed selection to complement your order. Handwash only.  

Tea Strainers

One of the best things about a high tea is quality tea made from steeping the tea leaves - no teabags here please! With no bag, you will need a tea strainer to catch those stray tea leaves and stop them from landing in your beautiful teacup. We have a range of vintage tea strainers to complete your high tea experience.

Silver Tea/Coffee Pots

Care for some silver service? Our range of silver teapots and coffee pots can be used on their own, or in combination with our vintage china. Undertrays, milk jugs and sugar bowls are also available. Handwash only.

Tea Trolley

One of our vintage tea trolleys is exactly what your space needs to complete the high tea look. Use it as a buffet, a drinks bar, or as a prop for your styling - it is a great addition to any high tea event. One is brass with mirrored shelves, while the other is an off-white wooden trolley.  Pick ups need to ensure the trolley will fit within the confines of their vehicle.

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